Podendo pedir Estresse, pedem Strain????


Mais gente escolhe o Strain Longitudinal que o Ecoestresse Diastólico para desempatar a dúvida na Diástole?

Acham que a informação ao repouso pode ser melhor que a dinâmica???!!!!


The use of diastolic stress echocardiography appears to be controversial according to our survey results. Whilst a majority of respondents believe in the potential utility of this test (up to 63%), its current performance in clinical practice was low with most centres (76%) not performing diastolic stress echo or performing <5 cases per month. Diastolic stress echocardiography has been proposed as a useful tool to further evaluate LV diastolic function. Several studies have demonstrated its diagnostic and prognostic value, in particular in patients with exertional symptoms but normal or indeterminate diastolic function at rest.13,14 However, it does require an additional test and the administration of a stressor.

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