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Opinião do colega Ionescu!

The technology for performing TTE by untrained operators already exists ( AI already measures LV/LA volumes in 3D datasets obtained from an apical 4-ch view (e.g. DHM from Philips). AI is also a better diagnostician than humans (in echo - and clinically In ten years ward rounds will be by nurse practitioners with smartphones connected to AI, and echo will be done as an ai-guided 3d acquisition by minimally trained operators. Radiology will cease to exist and most clinical, non interventional specialties will be decimated. The only survivors will be the surgeons, pacers, interventional cardiologists and the professions who care physically for an increasingly older (patient) population. In echo TOE will remain human; DSE has already been reported successfully by AI ( and there is no reason why the technique used for ai-guided TTE won’t be adapted for stress echo. All this will be driven by the implacable logic of cost containment. We are at an inflexion point of unprecedented severity in the history of medicine. Retire early or become a TOE operator would be my advice to “imagers”.