Antes de liberar a cirurgia, pedir um Doppler de Carótidas?

Intima media thickness of the common carotid artery in vascular surgery patients: A predictor of postoperative cardiovascular events
Results: In total, 30-day events and long-term cardiovascular mortality were noted in 122 (24%) and 81 (16%) patients, respectively. The optimal predictive value of CCA-IMT, using receiver-operating characteristic curve analysis, for the prediction of CV events was calculated to be 1.25 mm (sensitivity 70%, specificity 80%). An increased CCA-IMT was independently associated with 30-day CV events (OR 2.20, 95% CI 1.38-3.52) and long-term CV mortality (HR 6.88, 95% CI 4.11-11.50), respectively.

Conclusions: This study shows that an increased CCA-IMT has prognostic value in vascular surgery patients to predict 30-day CV events and long-term CV mortality, incremental to the RCR index.
</a . . . . . Mais uma evidência da relação das carótidas com o prognóstico.

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