Vale a pena procurar isquemia coronária no DM assintomático?



Conclusions  High-risk asymptomatic patients with DM and normal MPS (78%) have a low rate of first manifestations of CAD. Patients with abnormal MPS at baseline (22%) have a 7-fold higher rate of progression to “overt or silent CAD,” despite therapy. Randomized patients’ outcomes suggest that a combined invasive and medical strategy for silent CAD may reduce scintigraphic but not symptomatic CAD progression versus medical therapy alone.



O que o editorial aponta:

In BARDOT, those treated conservatively had considerably lower rates of antiplatelet agents and statins prescribed; hence, there appears to be an opportunity to optimize medical therapy in those with normal nuclear stress tests..



Veja abaixo outro estudo com ecocardiograma:


Veja abaixo que o ecoestresse é o único exame com boa relação custo-benefício:


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