734 do NORRE (Normal Reference Ranges for Echocardiography)


Patient population

A total of 865 normal European subjects were enrolled at 22 echocardiographically accredited collaborating European institutions. After exclusion of patients (n = 131) due to incompatible image format, poor image quality, high body mass index/abnormal glycaemia values, cardiac pathology detected by echocardiography, the final study population consisted of 734 healthy subjects with a mean age of 45.8 ± 13.3 years (range: 20–78).


The NORRE study provides useful two-dimensional echocardiographic reference ranges for cardiac chamber quantification. These data highlight the need for body size normalization that should be performed together with age-and gender-specific assessment for the most echocardiographic parameters.

A nova tabela de normalidade britânica admite que adotou o estudo acima para suas conclusões.

For these reasons, the current BSE reference intervals were in large part derived from the NORRE dataset.

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