Os trombos do VE


Current echocardiographic‐guided screening and management strategies for LVT in patients with recent anterior MI warrant to be re‐evaluated in light of the advances in technology which greatly improve the diagnostic accuracy of this approach as compared to CE‐CMR. However, this pathway relied on resolution on TTE as evidence of treatment effect requires prospective validation since many questions, such as the prognostic significance of LVT detected by CE‐CMR but not by contrast TTE, are still unanswered. In some cases, a LVT can be a marker of an increased thrombotic risk that persists at the long term, after the initial period of anticoagulation and even despite thrombus resolution by TTE. This knowledge could guide the selection of the optimal imaging modality for the screening of patients with recent anterior MI at high risk for LVT. Hopefully, this work might strengthen the role of echocardiography in the management of these patients.


Outro dia, em visita da UCO, solicitaram RM para ver se o IAM anterior formou trombo no VE.

O que?

E o ecocardiograma transtorácico?

Exceto em janelas raras e ruins, o ecocardiograma é om melhor método para identificar possíveis trombos.


Precisa saber acertar o transdutor e até usar o transdutor infantil.


Mas é o exame.


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