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Altogether, 45 patients were evaluated. The mean age was 61.4 ± 12.2 years. Hypertension (n = 29, 64%) and diabetes mellitus (n = 25, 55%) were the most common comorbidities followed by congestive heart failure (n = 11, 24%), coronary artery disease (n = 9, 20%), and valvular heart disease (n = 3, 7%). Eight patients (18%) showed evidence of myocardial injury, as suggested by elevated troponin levels. Brain natriuretic peptide was elevated in 14 patients (36%), and 14 patients had left ventricular dysfunction in the form of reduced ejection fraction (31%). Right ventricular (RV) dilatation was observed in six patients, and five patients had reduced RV ejection fraction. RV pressure and volume overload were observed in three patients. RV thrombus was observed in one patient. Pulmonary pressure was elevated in 10 patients (24%).


Two‐dimensional echocardiography can be an important bedside tool for the assessment of cardiovascular abnormalities and hemodynamic status of COVID‐19 patients.

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