Mitral com Estenose e as dificuldades da FA

The impact of cardiac rhythm on the mitral valve area and gradient in patients with mitral stenosis


Cardiac rhythm has a significant impact on echocardiographic evaluation of MVA, transmitral gradient, and Cn in patients with MS.

Comparison of echocardiographic characteristics in atrial fibrillation and sinus rhythm

ParametersAF phase (n=19)SR phase (n=19)P
LV ejection fraction (%)60.47±6.8461.44±6.760.83
LV end-systolic diameter, mm30.15±4.2930.24±3.400.91
LV end-diastolic diameter, mm46.57±3.5047.57±3.670.85
LA diameter, mm48.94±3.7448.94±3.270.98
LA volume, mL92.85±28.9788.90±27.74<0.001
E-wave velocity, m/sec2.14±0.252.03±0.300.01
sPAP, mm Hg46.63±13.3241.57±12.670.004
Maximal transmitral gradient, mm Hg18.57±4.5416.94±5.110.013
Mean transmitral gradient, mm Hg8.89±3.526.49±2.510.001
Corrected maximal transmitral gradient, mm Hg.minute/beat0.16±0.0310.22±0.062<0.001
Corrected mean transmitral gradient, mm Hg.minute/beat0.076±0.0250.086±0.0300.198
PHT-derivated MVA, cm21.59±0.261.66±0.300.011
Planimetric MVA, cm21.54±0.271.62±0.290.003
Cn value, mL/mm Hg6.26±0.645.37±0.77<0.001
Heart rate, beat/minute114±1875±10<0.001

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