WikiEcho: Anatomia da Mitral




Todos os titulados em ecocardiografia decoraram as divisões mitrais para a prova.


The mitral annulus is a fibrotic ring that consists of an anterior part and a posterior part. The aortic-mitral curtain is a fibrous structure that connects the anterior mitral annulus intimately with the aortic valve annulus (at the level of the left and non-coronary cusps) and ends at both lateral sites of the mitral valve to form the left and right fibrous trigones, as shown in figure 2.[1][2] The posterior part of the mitral annulus is not enforced and rather discontinuous (making it prone to dilatation).[2] The antero-posterior diameter forms the minor axis and the inter-commissural distance refers to the major axis.[6] The mitral annulus is a 3-dimensional saddle-shaped structure (hyperbolic paraboloid) with highest points formed by the anterior and posterior annulus and nadirs at both commissures.[1] Assessment of mitral annular diameters helps identifying the mechanism of valvular insufficiency, is useful to determine the type of mitral valve intervention in case of dysfunction and is of interest to size mitral valve prosthesis or annuloplasty ring.


Todos os ecocardiografistas devem saber de cor a descrição acima.


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