Deu no New York Times: Jabá na Tomografia de Coronárias!

Cardiologists simply practice medicine the way the health system rewards them to. Given the opportunity to recommend a test for which they will make money, the doctors will. This is not greed. . . . This is normal economic behavior.
“Increasing use of the scans . . . is part of a much larger trend in American medicine. A faith in innovation, often driven by financial incentives, encourages American doctors and hospitals to adopt new technologies even without proof that they work better than older techniques,” the article states. Some groups are calling for supporting evidence, “but the story of the CT angiogram is a sobering reminder of the forces that overwhelm such efforts, making it very difficult to rein in a new technology long enough to determine whether its benefits are worth its costs.”
Dr Charanjit S Rihal, the director of the cardiac catheterization laboratory at the Mayo Clinic, in Rochester, MN, “sees little diagnostic value in the current generation of heart scanners,” according to the story. He says, “The CT angiogram is ‘a great technology searching for a great application.

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