Strain Arterial: Antes do Cálcio

Segmental Analysis of Carotid Arterial Strain Using Speckle-Tracking
Microsoft Word - Carotid_strain_MS_JASE_2011.doc
Speckle-tracking to measure CAS is feasible and modestly reliable. Patients with diabetes had lower CAS obtained with speckle-tracking compared with healthy controls.
O mais interessante vem abaixo:
Finally, we found arterial strain measurements to be significantly higher in the right than in the left carotid artery for the two of the three far wall segments, the average of all three far wall segments, and the net average of all arterial wall segments. Differences in right versus left measurements have been reported in common carotid intima-media thickness measurements, with the right having lesser values than the left.43, 44, 45 In fact, in one study of participants with and without migraine headaches, arterial distension was also found to be significantly greater in the right than in the left for both groups of individuals. These findings are consistent with the findings in our study. These observations suggest that there may be differences in blood pressure, shear forces, and vascular anatomy specific in the same individual between the right and the left carotid arteries and merit further investigation.
Diferenças entre o lado esquerdo e direito também no Strain.
Demonstração clara que a mecânica dos fluxos é muito importante na Aterosclerose, muito mais que depósitos tardios de Cálcio.


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