Futuro da Ecocardiografia


  • Growing demand for handheld or portable echocardiography devices
  • Increased use of automated function imaging (AFI) with echocardiography
  • Emergence of 5D imaging technology expanding echocardiography applications




E agora, que nem chegamos ao 3D /4D, lançam o 5D




Mas na parte de portáteis estamos bem.

The improved optics, advanced technology, and light weightiness of handheld or portable echocardiography devices are resulting in high demand for these products. These devices also provide the added benefit of being integrated with various databases,” says Barath Palada, a lead analyst at Technavio for medical imaging research.


AFI faz parte da nossa rotina no HC e em algumas clínicas.

AFI is widely used as a clinical decision support tool for evaluating left ventricular function at rest using computerized quantitative assessment to visualize potential wall motion abnormalities. It is also used to differentiate disease from non-disease segments to derive a clear understanding of strain patterns of specific disease types. Vendors are releasing integrated echocardiograms with AFI to provide a cost-effective and accurate tool useful for cancer patients after treatment with chemotherapy, diabetes, and valve diseases


Global echocardiography market to grow to USD 1,667 million by 2021, posting a CAGR of over 4%.

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