Helical form of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy: a new entity?.
On short-axis cine MRI using steady state free precession sequence, a peculiar pattern of left ventricle (LV) hypertrophy was seen. Starting from the anterior basal septum (Panel A), the hypertrophy progressively extents helically along the longitudinal axis involving the mid-basal inferior septum (Panels B and C), the mid-inferior wall (Panel D), and the inferior apical and lateral wall (Panels E and F). The maximal wall-thickness of 16.5 mm was measured at anterior basal septum. The non-involved LV regions had relative thin myocardial wall.

Vocês ja ficaram em dúvida com hipertrofias localizadas fora do septo ou com um caminho assimétrico do ápice a ponta?

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