3D visto por Badano

3D echocardiography represented a real breakthrough in echocardiography. We learned many new concepts and pathophysiological hints by moving from the geometrical assumptions about cardiac chamber geometry and valve anatomy inherent to 2D and Doppler techniques to actual visualization of the functional anatomy and measurement of cardiac structures.

  1. The elliptic shape of LVOT and the underestimation of aortic valve area by calculating the LVOT area from LVOT linear anteroposterior diameter
  2. The prognostic power of right ventricular ejection fraction
  3. The true shape of septal defects
  4. The presence of clefts in the posterior mitral valve leaflet as a cause of mitral regurgitation
  5. The interference of pace-maker and ICD wires with tricuspid leaflets as a cause of tricuspid regurgitation
  6. The variable anatomy of the tricuspid valve
  7. The variable shape of cardiac masses and vegetations
  8. The limitations of 2D echocardiography in calculating cardiac chambers volumes
  9. The actual shape of regurgitant orifices and its implications to quantitate the severity of the regurgitation

and many others you can discover and discuss with the worldwide renown experts who will join us in Padua (September 13-15, 2019) for the European edition of 3DEcho 360° 3DEcho360° European edition 2019


Não conheço alguém mais entusiasmado com o 3D que o Professor Badano.

Já estivemos neste nível mas recuamos alguns passos após usarmos na rotina


Não será em 2019 que poderemos ser instruídos em alto nível no laboratório dele, mas quem sabe em 2020?


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