Samba do criolo doido do hemisfério norte.

Recommendations for Chamber
Quantification: A Report from the American
Society of Echocardiography’s Guidelines and
Standards Committee and the Chamber
Quantification Writing Group, Developed in
Conjunction with the European Association
of Echocardiography, a Branch of the
European Society of Cardiology
General Principles for Linear and Volumetric
LV Measurements

To obtain accurate linear measurements of interven-
tricular septal wall thickness (SWT), posterior wall
thickness (PWT), and LV internal dimension, record-
ings should be made from the parasternal long-axis
acoustic window
. It is recommended that LV inter-
nal dimensions (LVIDd and LVIDs, respectively) and
wall thicknesses be measured at the level of the LV
minor axis
, approximately at the mitral valve leaflet
tips. These linear measurements can be made di-
rectly from 2D images or using 2D-targeted M-mode
By virtue of their high pulse rate, M-mode record-
ings have excellent temporal resolution and may
complement 2D images in separating structures

such as trabeculae adjacent to the posterior wall,
false tendons on the left side of the septum, and
tricuspid apparatus or moderator band on the right
side of the septum from the adjacent endocardium.
However, it should be recognized that even with 2D
, it may not be possible to align the M-mode
cursor perpendicular to the long axis of the ventri-
cle, which is mandatory to obtain a true minor-axis
dimension measurement. Alternatively, chamber di-
mension and wall thicknesses can be acquired from
the parasternal short-axis view using direct 2D mea-
surements or targeted M-mode echocardiography
provided that the M-mode cursor can be positioned
perpendicular to the septum and LV posterior wall.
Journal of the American Society of Echocardiography
Volume 18 Number 12